A Collection of Low Carbon Recipes 低碳食譜集/
Carbon Impact 碳足跡

A collection of low carbon recipes created by each participant through experimentation with the chosen dishes over the 3 weeks.

每個參與者在接下來的 3 週內通過對所選菜餚進行實驗而創建的一系列食譜。

Climate Exploration Cookbook is a participatory project by Ling Tan that involves working with Chinese community living in and around Chinatown, London to make sense of issues surrounding climate change through their cooking and eating habits. Over a period of 3 weeks, participants collectively experimented and reinvented a series of traditional Chinese dishes into low carbon versions that reduces its carbon footprint in terms of ingredients, source of ingredients and cooking methods, while still reflecting traditional Chinese cooking and participants’ collective identities and backgrounds as immigrants and migrants in the UK.

Climate Exploration Cookbook is a pilot project by Ling Tan, commissioned by Chinese Arts Now and Season for Change.